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So many interests and activities, so little time! As a member, if you don't see any activities that you like (though we can't believe that would be the case) - start a new group! If you do see some interest groups that you would like to join, please feel free to reach out to that Interest Group Leader and let them know you are interested and would like to be included on their email list. You will find their names and contact information by clicking on "Members", then "Interest Groups".

Here's a list of our current interest groups:

All Kinds of Needles/Stitchery - Needle workers of every style and skill level are invited to join this group and share experiences in crafts, needlepoint, knitting, beadwork, quilting and cross-stitch. Relax and enjoy your craft in the company of others.

Book Groups - We have both day and evening book groups! Meetings are held at the homes of members, and book lovers come once a month to enjoy lively discussions. There are currently four book groups.

Beer Adventures - The group will meet several times a year on weekends and evenings to learn about and taste a variety of beers.   Join us for a dinner with beer pairing at a restaurant,  an informal visit to a local brewery as well as a bus trip to a brewery a distance away for tours and tastings.  

Bridge Groups - Great Falls Friends and Neighbors hosts enthusiastic bridge players. The current active groups are a ladies afternoon group and mixed pairs bridge that meets in the evening and includes dinner.  The start-up of a new group is always welcome too. All skill levels are welcome! 

BUNCO - BUNCO is an easy, fun game that requires no experience.  Attendees contribute five dollars and an appetizer to share. This small sum is for the next hostess to purchase BUNCO prizes for the winners.  Our BUNCO gatherings are held in the evenings and limited to 12/16 players.

Cocktail parties - These popular get-togethers are a great way to meet new friends. Held about six times per year, they are typically on a week day night from 6 pm to 9 pm at a member's home.  Guests bring wine and hors d'oeuvres to share.  Husbands and partners are welcomed. 

Hustle and BustleThis group is designed for women who enjoy getting together to exercise, stay fit, take nature walks in local parks, take a yoga or pilates class, play tennis, golf, kayak, work out – or do pretty much anything to stay active and healthy.  Looking for a running partner?  Know about a great local yoga class?  Want a buddy for a local charity walk, sporting event, or to exercise with?  

Lettuce Munch -  These are themed lunches with an emphasis on healthful eating.  This year, due to COVID restrictions, we will will strive to hold Lettuce Munch at outdoor dining locations, at restaurants and other lovely outdoor venues.  Once COVID-appropriate, LM may be held at members' homes in outdoor dining areas.  Lettuce Munch is a great way to socialize!

MomtourageThis group plans to bring together "Moms" of all ages in our community, including "Moms N tots" for play dates and camaraderie, women interested in parenting topics and family-oriented fun, and working moms looking for enriching, supportive, and diverse activities that promote friendships

Movie Outings - The Movie group meets on selected Tuesdays to enjoy newly released films, with lunch prior or refreshments afterwards.

S.m.A.R.T.  Forum - "S"avvy wo"m"en "A"cquiring "R"ecent "T"echnology is a social opportunity to gather, share a meal, and ignite intellectual curiosity in a supportive thoughtful environment. 

The Sip and Sup Club Foodies - This group is designed for women who enjoy getting together for happy hour during the week at some of our favorite local restaurants, such as L'Auberge Chez Francois, Dante's, El Tio's, Brix and others. This is a wonderful way to mix and mingle and meet new friends! 

The Travel Party  This group meets to travel across the globe for an hour-packed adventure. Each program features a different country and host, with the host braiding history, culture, experiences and photos in her presentation. The party then transitions to interactive discussion, including shared experiences of participants and questions for future travelers. Meets 1st Fridays, 10-11 AM.

Wine EnthusiastsThe Wine Enthusiasts group gathers for formal wine tastings to focus on wines from different regions or a specific varietal. This allows members to try wines from around the world! The goal is to learn a little bit while also getting to know new friends.  Events are often held in members' homes or at a venue such as a wine shop or restaurant.

Wine 101 - Whether you’re a novice or a newbie to wine, this wine group meets up informally to discuss a specific wine theme, whether it be a varietal, region, or focused exercise, all while socializing. Most events allow singles and couples and require members to bring food and/or wine on topic. All events are held in either members’ homes, wine store event rooms, or local wineries and have a speaker for 10-15 minutes during the event to discuss the theme. Some events have a fee to cover a venue and/or specific wines.

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